Friday, 30 May 2014

Who housing loan

Many of us dream of your own four corners. Owning an apartment is a big comfort because that gives stabilization life. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford them, because in order to get a mortgage - and this is the most common form of buying an apartment - must meet certain criteria.

Whether a person receives a hypothetical loan depends largely on its creditworthiness , which is the most important factor when considered a request for a housing loan. Creditworthiness determines the ability to repay liabilities and is calculated primarily on the basis of earnings of the borrower. As you can guess, the higher the income, the more likely the bank will grant a mortgage. In addition to salary, there are other important factors such as own contribution , the length of the repayment obligation and the collateral. Interestingly, whether or receive a home loan also depends on marital status. More specifically, the marriage have a greater chance that they will be granted a mortgage than single people. The reason for this is to prevent the loss of jobs; banks come out because of the belief that, if single for some reason not be able to exercise his profession, his problems with the repayment obligation will be greater than in the case of spouses, of course, provided that both work and one of them for some time takes the burden of payments on their shoulders. However, individual financial institutions consider each application individually, trying to adjust the criteria and conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan to the individual circumstances of the person intending to take out a mortgage , and therefore impossible to extract only a few those general factors affecting the chances of buying their own homes.

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