Friday, 30 May 2014

The loan for a house? Only for the wealthy

While most people get into debt for years to buy a dream apartment in one of the large Polish cities, is still missing and those borrowers who borrowed funds want to bet or buy already built house . While in the latter case, taking a mortgage is practically a breeze (because the procedures are virtually identical, as in the case of flats in the block), the construction of wymarzonych four corners for money the bank is no longer quite so simple.

Of course, the fact that financial institutions in Poland (and not only) to actively defend themselves, before granting mortgages for real estate construction - including, of course, single-family homes . "building a dream house bank mainly calculates its subsequent maintenance costs. therefore easier to get loan for an apartment or a house that already exists than to build a new property. Indeed, construction is going on and a lot can happen during the course. Banks like to protect against this - and this unfortunately costs " - experts say. Of course, all costs are shifted finally to the borrower, because mortgage loans for home construction are usually a lot more expensive. In addition, the bank requires that the best building was set on a plot of unloaded obligations. This allows you to intelligently take care of the property, when suddenly the borrower ceases to pay its obligations. The majority of banks in order to get such funding also need a large downpayment , which is calculated according to the price list of materials supplied by the architect to design the building. Often financial institutions want to make a potential borrower has not only proprietary land for the construction of real estate, but also at least one third of substitution on the dream house.

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