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Mortgage - Definition

It turns out that despite the huge amount of advertising and information, many people still do not know the correct definition of a mortgage loan , mistaking it for a loan to build a house. Obviously, this is one of the primary uses of the mortgage, but it is not it is the nature of the financial product.

From the definition because the mortgage is a type of loan, the collateral is established mortgage - not necessarily the other hand, the funds must be used for the construction or renovation. Commonly concedes this error because the funds received as part of a mortgage are very significant, so it is a tool chosen by the person building a house or planning to purchase or overhaul of an apartment. The exact scope of the possible use of the loan is determined in each case by the bank in the credit agreement. Hypothetically, it is therefore possible to limit the use of credit only for building or buying a home, but in practice similar restrictions introduced rare.

The term " mortgage "comes from the distribution of loans by type of security, not by applications. However, the overwhelming majority of loans for construction of a house is just a loan mortgages, which in turn comes from the fact that most of us can not afford such a high loan collateral in a different way than just a mortgage on the new property.

Everything I write is not without reason - they often do not understand the relevant terms relating to the definitions of banking products, we try to find some information about them. Often search ends in failure, not because such information does not exist, but because they ask the wrong questions. The next time you try to find or compare mortgage , you already know how to distinguish it from the loan for the construction or renovation, as well as several other credit products that do not meet your needs, and which also use a mortgage as security for liabilities. On the occasion of the mortgage search: always take into account the quality of the source from which you use and the age of the data - bank offers change frequently, and before being updated in some sites may take some time.

Who housing loan

Many of us dream of your own four corners. Owning an apartment is a big comfort because that gives stabilization life. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford them, because in order to get a mortgage - and this is the most common form of buying an apartment - must meet certain criteria.

Whether a person receives a hypothetical loan depends largely on its creditworthiness , which is the most important factor when considered a request for a housing loan. Creditworthiness determines the ability to repay liabilities and is calculated primarily on the basis of earnings of the borrower. As you can guess, the higher the income, the more likely the bank will grant a mortgage. In addition to salary, there are other important factors such as own contribution , the length of the repayment obligation and the collateral. Interestingly, whether or receive a home loan also depends on marital status. More specifically, the marriage have a greater chance that they will be granted a mortgage than single people. The reason for this is to prevent the loss of jobs; banks come out because of the belief that, if single for some reason not be able to exercise his profession, his problems with the repayment obligation will be greater than in the case of spouses, of course, provided that both work and one of them for some time takes the burden of payments on their shoulders. However, individual financial institutions consider each application individually, trying to adjust the criteria and conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan to the individual circumstances of the person intending to take out a mortgage , and therefore impossible to extract only a few those general factors affecting the chances of buying their own homes.

Increasingly shorter repayment period of the loan and the creditworthiness

A few years ago, banks willing to grant a mortgage for 40 or 50 years. However, the economic situation a few years ago was very different from the present and for some time we can observe the change of strategy of banks. Currently, the average repayment time is getting shorter, and some banks even withdrew the offer loans for 40 or 50 years. Not without significance is the amendment of the regulations, which came into force at the end of December 2011, and changing the rules for calculating the so-called credit .

The term " credit ", we mean a hypothetical rate that banks use to assess the risks associated with granting a mortgage (as indeed any other) to the operator. Individual banks within the framework of existing legislation can quite freely manipulate the parameters taken into account when calculating this ability , while the revised law requires them to limit the range of predictions for twenty years.

What this means in practice? Until now, if you took a loan for 40 years, the bank will calculate our creditworthiness as the sum that the selected conditions, we are able to pay for 40 years. Since December, however, this period is 25 years, which means that the bank calculating creditworthiness must assume that the lending period is just 25 years. Based on the value of the banks need to determine how they feel about it to the loan amount by which conclude and decide if we can get a loan under certain conditions.

Because so far the banks handling the very optimistic assumptions about the distant future of our credit, shortening the period for calculating the capacity of causes that mortgages are less available and a little more expensive than before the changes. A similar effect is caused, moreover, other changes included in the same amendment.

Why limit the availability of credit by legal regulations? As the growing number and total non-performing receivables in a timely manner, it should reduce the possibility of borrowing. This decision is dictated, moreover, look at the state of our portfolios, which so far by the banks was seen by too rose-colored glasses-regulation has in some way to stabilize the credit market, even at the cost of an increase in their prices.

Mortgage - documents and employment

If your credit and calculated the that you have a chance for a mortgage, you can make a request to that effect. What you should complete all the necessary documents in the process of applying for a housing loan. Where it can be obtained and what are related?

Regardless of what your mortgage are going to take, when applying you must have an ID card and a second proof of your identity, such as driver's license, insurance card or passport. On the basis of the bank will be able to identify you and verify your identity. The facility, in which you apply, you will also probably require the supply of relevant documents certifying the amount of your salary. If you are an employee, you will need to obtain a bank letter issued by the employer, attesting of the monthly payment. In some cases, banks also want to bank account statements, tax returns or other various types of documents, but it is a verification criterion selected individually for each client by each institution individually.

Own business, mortgage and required certificate

The situation is somewhat different when you run a business and want to take out a mortgage . In this case, the submitted application should submit proof of assignment of identification numbers TAX and VAT. Also required is a letter of confirmation of registration in the register of business and a certificate issued by the Tax Office, which states that there are no arrears for taxes paid. Also, the Social Insurance Institution shall issue a document saying that all required contributions are adjusted on an ongoing basis. In addition, the bank requires income tax declarations for the previous year. That's not all, because the financial institution wants to know the borrower's income in the current period, so you still have time to go to the IRS and acquire the necessary documents in this regard, which differ from each other depending on their accounting. In the next article we will continue to talk about the required documents, but this time they will be focused on the same property.

Mortgage - documents and property

In the previous article we discussed the issue of employment documents that are required for submission of an application for a mortgage. Let us move on to the next issues associated with the necessary documents, this time on the same property.

Mortgage application - what documents relating to real estate?

In addition to the documents proving your identity and amount of earnings to the application must be accompanied by the necessary number of letters concerning the same property. Their number and type depend on the purpose of the loan ; others will be in the case of buying a house or apartment than in a situation where we intend to build a house from scratch or invest in land . Consider, therefore, all the possibilities.
When we buy a new house or apartment , the application shall be accompanied by:
-extract from the Land Register ,
-documents on cooperatives or developer,
-notarial deed confirming the transfer of rights to the premises,
-preliminary agreement of sale.

If you acquire property used :
-extract from the land register,
-preliminary sales agreement,
-certificate documenting that has rights to use a house or apartment ,
documents confirming the absence of co-operative arrears and the receipt of the property.
-When it comes to investment in land , then the application will have to include:
-extract from the land register,
-extract from the land register,
-letter of acceptance of the purchase of the plot by its current owner,
extract from the land register. [If the book does not confirm that the parcel is zoned for construction , should go to the municipal office and get the documents evidencing].

In the case of building a house from the ground up application should include:
-extract from the land register,
-extract from the land register,
-letter of acceptance of the permission to start construction work,
-description of the construction work,
-architectural design,
-confirm the purchase of real estate .

Mortgage - fees associated with granting

You already know what documents should be attached to the application, applying for a home loan, but you have no idea about the costs associated with its drawdown. In this article we will try to present them briefly.
Mortgage and costs associated with the granting

Calculation of the total sum, which will have to pay from incurring debt on your own home, it is not that simple. Because banks treat each client individually and it largely depends on him how much to pay for receiving benefits. However, you can extract some basic fees that are charged by most outlets. Among them mention should be made ​​for granting a loan fee , ranging between 0% to 2.5% of its total value. However, in some cases, banks do not charge a commission, which depends on the offer and the customer. When you want to take out a mortgage credit , you can also meet with another commission, charged for issuing SBA . Its value varies from a few hundred to 300 zł. In cases where the bank prepares their own valuation of the property, may charge a fee for this service, and it costs 500 to 1000 zł, depending on the size and type of property.

Decide on your mortgage? Check the cost of insurance

Some services require credit insurance , especially if you own contribution to the person incurring it its relatively low. Life insurance, the risk of losing a job or random events are just some of them. Their value is very different and depends on many factors, so opting for a housing loan , you need to carefully look at the insurance and the amounts they have to pay for them. Is when we begin to repay their debt in addition to interest payments are not waiting for us no longer any fees? Unfortunately, not always. If you want to quickly pay off the mortgage , and in some cases you have to reckon with the commission. Appendices or opinions are not free and you need not pay for a dozen to several hundred zł. Nevertheless, the above estimates are very general and should not be treated arbitrarily, because - as mentioned at the beginning - the banks derive charge individually for each client.

What is the best mortgage

You know the charges which are levied when the mortgage loan is granted and know that they are largely selected individually for each client. In that case, it would be good to find the best mortgage, or one that suits your requirements. But how to do it?

At the outset it must be emphasized that there is no such thing as objectively the best home loan . Quality depends on, among the capabilities and requirements of the customer, of which the sum is willing to spend to buy their own M, the length of the repayment obligation or the currency in which it is paid provision. To find the best, that is, de facto, the cheapest mortgage , you should carefully read the agreement, annexes, familiarize yourself with all the fees and commissions, and consequently make the cold calculation. In this regard, you can use a mortgage calculator . With him in the blink of an eye can calculate the cost of the loan. It also allows you to compare and accurate estimate which of the offers presented objectively cheap mortgage . However, if the tool does not seem very convincing, you should obtain expert advice and go to financial advisers, who for a relatively small fee to help you choose the best mortgage , perfectly tailored to your preferences and possibilities.

What to look for, signing a contract for a housing loan

During the signing of the most important is to be read carefully - even twice, if necessary. An equally important factor is to realize what is the real interest rate on the mortgage and comparing it - if it's not too late - with offers of other banks. It should also pay attention to whether the institution charge a fee for conversion , and early repayment obligation. If so, it means that it is not a cheap mortgage credit. You may also find out if there is a possibility to suspend payments and reduce their cost of extension of the repayment. A more insightful person should be interested in the process of constructing the installments that will see how they are created. The most important, however, is cold calculation and accurate reading of any signed agreement.

Interest on mortgage

The biggest impact on the total amount that you give to the bank, paying off a mortgage, no interest. For this reason, it is worth a closer look at the process of constructing its values ​​and other issues related to interest payments.

The interest rate on a mortgage loan offered by banks is twofold: fixed and variable. Most people are opting for a mortgage but chooses the latter option, or variable interest rates , so you should look at it closely and see what factors have an impact on its value. To start with WIBOR reference rate which is used for PLN loans and LIBOR and EURIBOR used for borrowing in foreign currencies . The values ​​of these rates are based on market rates, which from time to time change, affecting the interest rate on the mortgage . They are rigid number, independent of the bank and the person incurring the mortgage . In addition to the reference facility take into account also imposed their margins, which are the basis of their profit. It is known that the lower the value, the interest rate is attractive to the customer. Speaking of margins, it is worth remembering that may then negotiate and best to do it before the conclusion of the contract. Indeed, if you decide to sign a contract for a mortgage , negotiating margins in the later period will be doomed to failure. Thus, the sum of the rates is the result of two values ​​determined from above the reference rate and determined by each bank individually margins. Adding together these two factors, we get a mortgage interest rate underlying the calculation of the interest paid on your loan.

What installment

Agreement granting you a mortgage signed in a moment, documents kompletowałeś few weeks, but will pay off installments over a dozen - in some cases even 30 - years. That is why it is so important to choose them in an appropriate and reasonable manner.

Choosing the type of repayment installments , we have two forms of repayment: fixed installments and decreasing . In the case of installments fixed sum of money is being put to the bank for the entire period of the loan the same, but when it comes to decreasing installments, then over time the amount is reduced. When you choose a fixed installments, monthly liability to the bank will be lower than in the case of decreasing installments. This form is recommended for people who depend on stabilization and a single, clearly defined amount that will wane with the portfolio. Also, if your job situation is uncertain and not have to worry about income, you should opt for a fixed installments . It should also be borne in mind that if you choose this form, paying off your mortgage , your credit worthiness will be higher than in the case of decreasing installments .

Do you want to pay off your mortgage sooner? Select decreasing installments

I - what with decreasing installments ? When is it worth to not decide? Due to the fact that the amount owed ​​to the bank debt decreases faster than is the case with fixed installments, they are recommended for people who want to quickly pay off your liability. At the time of his premature repay the loan amount will be for smaller, and hence, no interest will be as high as in the case of equal installments. Also, if you have a prediction as to the fact that revenues generated in the future I will be lower than currently, you should choose a decreasing installments. It is very important to properly choose the form of repayment installments, adapting them to their current and future financial situation and the state of the household budget, it might even affect tens of years to come.

What currency do I get the best home loan

What currency do I get the best home loanYou already know what installments should you choose, but it still remained the question of the currency in which mortgage will be repaid. Until recently, you had a few currencies to choose from: mortgages in Swiss Francs, Euro, dollar, and of course in our domestic currency, which is Golden. The current economic situation and the uncertainty in the financial markets caused the banks are moving away from foreign currency loans.You already know what installments should you choose, but it still remained the question of the currency in which mortgage will be repaid. Until recently, you had a few currencies to choose from: mortgages in Swiss Francs, Euro, dollar, and of course in our domestic currency, which is Golden. The current economic situation and the uncertainty in the financial markets caused the banks are moving away from foreign currency loans.

Once the cheapest mortgage could be obtained in Swiss Francs and unnecessary was this high creditworthiness . Currently, banks moved away from mortgage lending in the currency. Currently incurring debt in foreign currency is much more difficult. To obtain such a loan, you need to have as much as 20% more creditworthy than the case of benefits executed in our native currency. What characterizes the credit rate ? First of all, it is cheaper than złotówkowego because its interest rate mortgage in euros or francs is simply lower. The situation did not change even after the Polish accession to the Eurozone, when we receive the payment and shop in Euro.

The loan rate, which is the cheapest home loan with the highest risk

If so beautifully, there must be a catch. A and yes, like every coin, so mortgages in foreign currencies have their two sides. In addition to all these advantages, they have one major disadvantage: are subject to the risk of exchange rate fluctuations. If gold is weak relative to the currency in which enlisted a mortgage loan , the installment strongly increases. The question therefore arises: which form of loan to choose? Pay less interest-bearing loan , the monthly payment will vary depending on the exchange rate , or choose your currency and be quiet at the expense of higher commitments? This issue must be resolved individually, because it is dependent on the knowledge that a borrower on the financial markets, its financial situation, temperament, character, and many other factors.

I do not have the money to pay off the mortgage - what to do

Life brings a lot of surprises and you never know what will happen to us. Therefore, we can not predict that within a few years, when we pay off your mortgage, our financial situation does not deteriorate significantly. What then? Is there a possibility to suspend debt payments and devotion at a later date?

If your financial situation is so bad that you can not donate monthly installments to the bank having to pay your mortgage , do not despair - all is not lost. Having financial trouble , you can visit your bank and inform its representatives. Do not this wait until the mailbox will be a letter asking for settlement of unpaid installments, because we will lose credibility and the harder it will be something barter. A bargain is worth it, because the banks are willing to go to make concessions in the name of being repaid at 100% of the loan. The easiest way is to negotiate a reduction installments at the expense of extending the period of repayment obligations. If we pay installments decreasing, it is also possible to convert them into equal, which is useful especially in case of trouble with the repayment of the loan appeared relatively quickly. If even that does not help, you may submit a request for connection to the credit of another person to help settle the liability. Some banks also offer a deferral of installments. The final solution is a consumer bankruptcy , which may benefit persons who have no means to repay the loan no fault of their own. If you have lost your job through a chronic disease, the collapse of its plant or other random events, as a last resort you can declare bankruptcy . Nevertheless it is worth to talk honestly with the bank about your situation and determine the solution that will be convenient for both the borrower and for the same facility. After all, the bank also working people.

Mortgage Refinancing

People often popełnieją errors. Bad decisions are part of our lives, but they need to be taken with a raised brow, drawing constructive conclusions. The situation is no different in the case of mortgage loans; if you realize that your home loan is bad, you can change it. Even after signing the contract.

Although it is commonly believed that a mortgage loan for a long time associated with the bank the borrower does not have to be that way. Indeed, there is something like a mortgage refinance , consisting of changing the lending institutions us money to buy an apartment. When this option is viable? This seems obvious: at a time when other banks are a better deal or no longer meets current expectations. For this reason, it is worth carefully watch the market and versed in the new proposals, which can be much better than the current loan repaid. Do not be afraid to refinance the loan , because thanks to it can significantly reduce monthly installments. Banks often change their offers, trying to gain new customers, even you. The fact that you repay your mortgage , so it is not any obstacle to enlist another, on better terms. Deciding to refinance your mortgage, you might want to negotiate the interest rate, margin and all sorts of other fees because the bank can follow us on hand, after all, the client received the competition's most valuable asset. So remember to regularly examine and test market new offers to find the one that is for you the best mortgage .

Sale of real estate, which is charged to mortgage

Despite popular belief that housing loan borrower for a long time associated with the bank, this is not the case. There is a possibility of the sale of the mortgaged property, even if the mortgage is not fully paid. How to do it? Read the article and to learn.

To sell the property, which charges a mortgage , you must meet several conditions. They are not too restrictive, so that this process does not cause major problems. The first step that needs to be done in this direction, there is an intention to sell the bank's real estate . For the transaction to be completed, institution must agree to the sale locale. As a rule, banks do not have anything against such practices, why this agreement is not too difficult to obtain. The next step is to obtain the opinion of the facility in terms repaid the loan, which should be: the number of the bank account to which is to be transferred specified in the opinion of the amount of money, and a statement that the repayment of the loan the property will be removed from the mortgage. This is necessary, because only then can enter a new mortgage in the land register.

Buying property, which charges a mortgage

Let us now examine the opposite situation, ie, buying real estate, which is charged to your mortgage . To make such a transaction, nothing stands in the way to apply for a mortgage. Also in this case you will need to consult the bank and settle the above mentioned formalities. Importantly, the mortgage does not have to be granted by the same bank that credited the property prior to sale. Nothing stands in the way to change the base and choose the best from all available offers on the market. The next step is to draw up a notarial deed, which should determine the amount needed to purchase the property will be paid in two installments: one part is ( the one which he has repaid the loan ) on account of the seller, and the second will be located in the bank and its purpose will be the repayment of debt owed ​​to the bank. After payment of a specified amount in the account of the seller you can go to the bank, which will issue an appropriate statement that may be grounds for cancellation of the mortgage with the Land Register.

What is the difference mortgage loan from a mortgage?

A mortgage is the cheapest banking product, so that we can get more money. The condition that must be met is the specific objective of the property, which already have or intend to acquire only. Imposed, however, the question of what to do in case you do not have a specific purpose related to real estate, and we need more money?

The alternative is the opportunity to take a cash loan , loan  money from the family, or take advantage of the resources that are available on credit cards . However, these alternatives might work for smaller amounts. If you need much more money we can borrow a mortgage loan . It is one of the categories of mortgages at which we do not need to have associated with the property. It is a loan relatively cheap , and the collateral is a mortgage of real estate, so that the risk is reduced and the margin is much lower.

A mortgage is a very good option for those who want to buy a new car, household appliances or an accident occurred randomly and needed the money. Cash and cash equivalents acquired through loan can also invest savings deposits or any funds. However, most of the banks reserves that money from the loan can not be used as a means to develop their own business, it is required in this case a special statement of the borrower.
Another difference between the mortgage and the mortgage loan is the amount that can be obtained. In the case of a mortgage are frequently the sum of 100% of the collateral, but also come to 110% of the property value. However, in the case of a mortgage loan amount of funds ranges from 50 to 70% of the value of the collateral, but can also reach 100% of property value.

Another difference is the term of the loan. mortgage loan is granted for a period of about 25-30 years, while mortgage you can receive up to 50 years. mortgage loan is usually given in U.S. dollars, less in foreign currency.
However, it is worth considering whether such a large amount of money we are really necessary, because getting a mortgage loan are bound for the bank fees and other charges okołokredytowe and the loan is a burden on the household budget.

Advantages and disadvantages of mortgage

Mortgage loan is the cheapest loan on the market that are on offer banks. At one time the most cost effective mortgage was a foreign currency loan granted in Swiss francs. The interest rate on the loan was less than 1.5 percent, but the situation a few years has dramatically changed with the change of the franc.

A mortgage is a lot cheaper than a cash loan and that the card where the interest rate reaches up to 20 per cent. interest rate on the mortgage is their undoubted and the biggest advantage . Very often it is two times lower than in the case of consumer loans . Average interest rates on mortgage loans is approximately 8-10 per cent, of course, depending on the bank.
Another undoubted advantage of the mortgage loan is the ease of its receipt, for those who have preserved liquidity and have sufficient income and property which may be a security for the loan .

Banks are increasingly offering customers the repayment of the loan in decreasing installments , or they are fixed, but low, due to the fact that it is a long-term loan .

The advantage is also that the borrower can choose the currency of the loan , which is easier for the customer.
Mortgage also has its drawbacks, and the basic one is that you have to have a specific goal, which is associated with the property. Another important downside mortgage is to have a free mortgage . Many people applying for such a loan is a property that is already loaded other loans.
Despite a few flaws loan is a very attractive product for the customer, as well as for the bank, because it has a robust and reliable protection, which is real estate. Because there are mortgages we buy a property, for which the borrower could not only afford the same savings. For some this may be your only opportunity to obtain cash to buy a flat / house or its renovation.

The total cost of the mortgage

The rate we already know a lot. Now it's time to look at other factors that may affect the total cost of credit . Particular attention should be paid to offer borrowers who apply for various types of promotional loans . There may indeed prove that the promotion runs out after two months, and the other will have a loan with an interest very high. Suppose, however, that here we did not give a catch.
The first charge, with which we encounter the so-called preparatory commission . By default, the height does not exceed two percent of the loan amount, and promotional offers banks often refrain from downloading commission . This is a one-time fee, some banks may be credited, in others not - it depends on the structure of the loan agreement .

The second charge, with which very often we have to reckon, is the fee for early repayment . Ostensibly it may seem pointless, because the bank recovers faster your money. However, its introduction, and it is best in the barrier height, is for a bank guarantee of customer retention for a long time.
For foreign currency loans are often set fees for currency conversion . Here, depending on the design of the offer: free will be one, several or all of the conversion, but it is also possible (and fairly uncommon) that all conversion mortgage is paid.

Quite a large fee may be missing insurance downpayment . His presence can not be determined in advance and depends on the bank's offer. However, we can prepare in advance that if the loan will cover more than 80% of the value of the property, we have to insure all of this surplus. Here, depending on the bank's fee ranges from two to four percent of the missing contribution of their own and this is one of those charges that you pay before the disbursement of the first tranche of a mortgage . Very few banks can subtract this value from the value of the loan.

In addition to all these charges is still a lot of "small" expenses, not exceeding a few thousand: property valuation , the fee for preparation of the application , temporary insurance . All of these can quite clearly affect the amount of the loan, so you should focus on such trifles, and that is not always possible to give credit, because only some banks give the possibility to its borrowers.

Collateral mortgage

By definition, a mortgage that its security is fixed mortgage in the land register. However, practice shows that it is often a security sufficient for the full amount of the loan, and therefore used in various banks and various other required additional security .

Let's start with the most popular security which is the mortgage . This can sometimes be determined on property belonging to third parties. This, however, does not apply to all banks, and those that this type of collateral accepted, very carefully check the credit history of the owner of the property. When it comes to our own real estate, secured loan can become other than its object. This in practice means that with one apartment, we can use it as a mortgage loan granted for the purchase or construction of another house.

The standard protection that is applicable and required virtually all banks is the assignment of a life insurance policy. If we do not have the bank prepare for us a special deal where we buy insurance with the loan. Besides, it is worth noting that the assignment of policy is increasingly becoming a standard protection of many types of loans, not just mortgages.

Quite a large variety of security is available for minor liabilities related to mortgage : insurance downpayment or temporary, until it is made ​​and approved entry into the Land Register and several other insurance buys a total of credit. In addition, some banks accept as collateral mortgages also guarantee property, bills In Blanco and other forms of collateral. Depending on the amount of the loan, we want to protect, we can negotiate with the bank approval and other forms of security-just in this area, most banks is characterized by a relatively high degree of flexibility.
What is important-remember always that the required safeguards read before, because all insurance are payable in advance and usually you can not give credit, so coming to the bank we have to be prepared for the appropriate amount for the purchase of insurance, and if we do not have this, as the policy life . Almost every bank will prepare us offer additional insurance, which we can also use-unemployment insurance, accident-all of which can also become a collateral loan .

Small, but big on their own or loan?

Certainly most people reflecting on the purchase of own M has a dilemma - small, but your own, or large on credit . Contrary to appearances, the answer is not that difficult. After all, despite many promises with the new year, banks have not lowered mortgage rates . On the contrary - the majority of banks since the beginning of January we have a higher margin on housing loans is that it is possible that, colloquially speaking, at some point we simply devour.

Therefore, persons who already have their own contribution to find an apartment should rethink whether or not it better to buy such a small bedsit for cash rather than colloquial saying to push the purchase kilkupokojowego apartments on credit . In the end, this type of commitment will pay off for years - even in spite of the large downpayment. In addition, it is worth to keep in mind that a large apartment is a large living expenses - such as rent and heating. "Custom four angles always give a sense of security - and not just financial. If we are a young couple with one child or no children, you may want to think about buying the smallest apartment, but for cash. then in a few years we can always turn our lodgings for more - but also for cash. Thanks to this we save thousands of pounds of interest " - experts advise. After all, is not widely known that taking a loan even if 90% of the apartments we give to the bank within 30 years, more than twice as much.
Borrowing for example, 500 000 zł for a large apartment in the capital we give more than a million dollars. Is it worth it? Definitely not. Better to torture a few years in a cramped apartment, then replace them with larger (for their own savings measures already), and the rest to put such in the future for our kids. In the end, the extra money is always useful - and in the least expected moment.

People are afraid of mortgages

Contrary to appearances, poor credit policy of banks is not the only reason why the country on the Vistula sold fewer homes on credit . "Many people are simply afraid to take long-term mortgages" - experts say.

The labor market in our country is not in recent times too well. Even well-educated and earning two or three national average monthly wondering if they really need to engage in multi-credit find M . Finally, since the beginning of the crisis (ie since 2007) fell several companies - and not just in the industry construction. The slowdown also feeling the financial sector employees or insurance. What is interesting - very good looking, even the IT industry, which according to many people bodes greatest hopes for high earnings and rapid career. "Taking a loan is for many people a small problem. still a lot of people are creditworthy .'s just that few of the well-educated generation Poles think in terms of "pledge and attitudes to." Contrary to the contrary - and often think about it, to save rather than borrow - especially for an extended period of time " - say economists. It is still a very good approach - though not widely known that the evaluation may lead in the long run, the fact that developers will not sell their homes in the hundreds per month, and only in single piece.
The fear of an uncertain tomorrow paralyzes not only the mortgage market , but also for example the automotive market. Despite niezłych income even affluent middle class is considering whether to change its four wheels, or better to save tens of thousands of zlotys for leaner times. The problem is that such an attitude Consumer winds becoming increasingly downward spiral of the crisis that it is possible that, colloquially speaking, at some point we simply devour.

The loan for a house? Only for the wealthy

While most people get into debt for years to buy a dream apartment in one of the large Polish cities, is still missing and those borrowers who borrowed funds want to bet or buy already built house . While in the latter case, taking a mortgage is practically a breeze (because the procedures are virtually identical, as in the case of flats in the block), the construction of wymarzonych four corners for money the bank is no longer quite so simple.

Of course, the fact that financial institutions in Poland (and not only) to actively defend themselves, before granting mortgages for real estate construction - including, of course, single-family homes . "building a dream house bank mainly calculates its subsequent maintenance costs. therefore easier to get loan for an apartment or a house that already exists than to build a new property. Indeed, construction is going on and a lot can happen during the course. Banks like to protect against this - and this unfortunately costs " - experts say. Of course, all costs are shifted finally to the borrower, because mortgage loans for home construction are usually a lot more expensive. In addition, the bank requires that the best building was set on a plot of unloaded obligations. This allows you to intelligently take care of the property, when suddenly the borrower ceases to pay its obligations. The majority of banks in order to get such funding also need a large downpayment , which is calculated according to the price list of materials supplied by the architect to design the building. Often financial institutions want to make a potential borrower has not only proprietary land for the construction of real estate, but also at least one third of substitution on the dream house.

Mortgages for the retiree?

Contrary to popular belief a person in retirement also has its own needs and dreams. One of them is more and more land for a town with a nice cottage resort . It is true that lack of money may close the way for this type of aspirations, but then there is something like a mortgage - even for retirees .

Banks did not close on people who are no longer active in the labor market. Everything depends on the security for the repayment of the liability. It must be remembered that the standard mortgage loans are issued even for forty years, but under the condition that the primary borrower on repayment obligations will not have more than, say, sixty years. All because of the fact that financial institutions are afraid that after going to retire drops our credit worthiness , and perhaps even completely lose it. "Nothing could be further from the truth" - experts say. "In the end, there is no shortage of people whose monthly benefit of a few, or even several thousand. Additionally, they are very often considerable savings - for example in the form of securities - which can be an additional collateral for a loan for an apartment or a house" - the experts add. It should be noted, however, that in the case of people who are retired , banks require additional insurance when applying for a mortgage . Certainly not an ordinary life policy , because that little insurance company is willing to insure people over sixty-or seventy-year life. You can always comprehensively insured property , and make a statement that in the absence of the possibility to repay the debt (eg due to the death of the main borrower) the bank has the right to take the amount of insurance.
Whether we like it or not, we must admit that people in retirement increasingly also want to invest and multiply your wealth is through the purchase of real estate. Buying an additional flat or house even after the sixty years of age is not such a bad idea. It is a pity that the need for the robust (read: high) pension , as well as strong security. Otherwise we can forget about a dream cottage .

Credit / loan by SMS

In any case, quick access to cash it is convenient and irreplaceable. There are moments where the room for maneuver is limited. The demand loan is instant and fingertips can only be invoked on the phone. Broken car, requiring expensive repairs, emptiness in your wallet when traveling abroad, sudden celebration, an unforeseen expense. There are many such situations.
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Credit / loan for the unemployed

Loans for the unemployed with no paperwork. With Kredito anything is possible. You are without a job and without money, and the bank does not have the slightest chance of getting the loan, due to lack of income. Within 15 minutes after completing the online application, first the money will be in your account.
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Cheap credit / loan

Nowadays, more and more people are opting for quick loans.. They themselves are gaining more and more popularity, mainly due to the speed of the receipt of cash and minimum formalities. Sudden expenses are natural, and everyone has to deal with this situation. Offer cheap cash loan Kredito is unique in its kind.
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Cash loan

Nowadays, more and more people are opting for a cash loan, or a loan. Steadily increasing number of people interested in this form of influence is money. Life is not a bed of roses and the difficult financial situation can reach everyone. We are a company, non-banking institution, which proves that there is nothing easier than online cash loan, or quick help the client who finds himself in need and who need a quick cash injection.
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Credit / loan to the statement

The loan is generally associated with filling out multiple forms and a very large amount of paperwork. You must present a certificate issued by the employer of the period of employment and the wage earned. This operation is time consuming and not the most pleasant. Requires out of the house and repeated visits to the bank. By opting for such credit must be presented officially your monthly income. 
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Credit / loan for house

Each of us has its four corners, first apartment, you will never forget. Associated with it so many memories, so many beautiful days. But sometimes it comes time for a change. The family is still growing, and the apartment is getting less space. Our dream becomes a house. Located in the city, surrounded by greenery, away from the urban bustle. However, when we do not have the right amount of cash on hand, we can reach for a loan on a house with Kredito.This offer was created for you, that dream became a reality. We offer the most favorable market for home loans. 
suffice 2 minutes to fill out an application online, and within a quarter of an hour cash will no longer be yours. Take up a good decision, and soon your dream home become a reality. We provide resources, and you remain the choice of place and design. Living in a secluded area in his own corner, is the desire of everyone. 
Now, without unnecessary formalities, we can fulfill them. The loan on the house is ideal for people who value their time and who want to avoid the many complicated steps. Kredito is built on trust. Good, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to put our credit at home pleased by you for many years, and the new place of residence was the fulfillment of his most secret dreams.

Credit / loan for car / auto

Want a new car? Do you think the car is your calling card and you want to present the best? Emptiness in the portfolio can be felt and tells you to forget about unnecessary spending? Allow yourself to fantasize. Take advantage of car loans with Kredito. Within 15 minutes we will credit your account and give you the opportunity to use the cash for whatever you want.
Keep in mind that the new car is not just a differentiator, but also a symbol of safety and concern for the life of you and your passengers. It should equip themselves with useful extras that make the journey pass quickly and pleasantly. Air conditioning, airbag system, comfortable seating.
Everything costs money, but the car is an important investment so therefore an auto loan will allow you to cover all related costs. The car does not change often. You should never bet on the reliability and durability. The circuit is a huge number of vehicles. Choose the one that you like and meet your requirements, without feeling limited due to the high amount.
Kredito, offering a loan on the car, will take care of everything. Will provide you cash, through which you can fulfill your dreams and at the same time took care of your safety. Take advantage of the offer as soon as possible, which is able to improve your life. At a minimum the formalities, a loan for a car can be yours right away.

Credit / loan for renovation

The loan for the renovation of an offer created just for you. The apartment is a showcase of each person. With it you can learn more about the human personality. It is individual and tailored for inhabitant. It must be comfortable, practical and give a sense of accomplishment. At the same time it should also be a guest and equipped with different type of accessory.
Dishwasher, TV, refrigerator, and many other elements that can change the quality of our lives and allow us to valuable rest. It should make a good impression and enable the organization of joint evenings with friends. It is worth paying attention to the elements that characterize us and are our hallmark.The interior is a simple thing, but certainly not among the cheapest.
It requires a large input of money. It should be put on the durability and warranty. Therefore, we use the loan for the renovation of Kredito that will allow you to enjoy the cash and help you purchase the necessary items for your home. Already in the 15 minutes the money from the loan for the renovation will be in your account, so immediately you will be able to buy add-ons that will embellish your home and improve the quality of your life. Kredito make guests will not want to leave your four walls. In just two minutes you are able to apply for the coveted credit for renovation, without unnecessary formalities.

Credit / loan for used car

Hurry and increased pace of everyday life is a permanent part of our lives. We can not reconcile all the family responsibilities. Daily delivery of children to schools and kindergartens, and yourself must make it to work. Once before how much time you spend on the tram and bus stops? After working the reception children and shopping, and afternoon activities our kids.
Every minute is precious and calculated. While it would be easier and faster to move the car. For starters, we can choose to use. If you plan on buying a vehicle exceed unfortunately our budget, Kredito offers a loan for a car used in express mode. Enough just 2 minutes to fill out an application, and at the latest within 15 minutes the money will be in your account. The selection is huge, the price ranges also, however, used car loan for our company will allow you to forget about the financial problems.
Own vehicle is a sense of freedom and above all, a big time saver. Taking a loan for a used car in Kredito not have to go through many complicated procedures. Simply fill out the application electronically. Thanks Kredito will be able to accommodate not only himself, but also his family. Trust us - credit for the used car will allow you to enjoy life everyday, and waiting at bus stops will not be a problem for you.

Credit / loan to start

You run your own business and looking for a loan? The beginnings are difficult. Not everyone is able to fully trust the company starting operations. We hope the customer and we want to grow and reached their goals. If you lack the courage and worried about financial problems, a loan to start with Kredito is right for you. Nowadays, more and more people are opting for your business.
Every young company needs a solid injection of cash in the first phase of development. Financing constraints should not play a significant role in this situation. The company should achieve the goals that have been raised, without worrying about the status of your account. To enter the market, financial problems can not arise. You have to be ready for every situation and for every emergency. All new companies have their financial needs and that our loan to start is very helpful in this situation.
At a minimum the formalities, the cash will be in your account companies already within 15 minutes. Simply fill out the online application on the website, and we will consider it immediately. With our loan to start, liquidity problems will be gone. We are aware that every young company needs new investments that require additional funding. The loan to start fully satisfy every demand.