Friday, 30 May 2014

Mortgage - documents and employment

If your credit and calculated the that you have a chance for a mortgage, you can make a request to that effect. What you should complete all the necessary documents in the process of applying for a housing loan. Where it can be obtained and what are related?

Regardless of what your mortgage are going to take, when applying you must have an ID card and a second proof of your identity, such as driver's license, insurance card or passport. On the basis of the bank will be able to identify you and verify your identity. The facility, in which you apply, you will also probably require the supply of relevant documents certifying the amount of your salary. If you are an employee, you will need to obtain a bank letter issued by the employer, attesting of the monthly payment. In some cases, banks also want to bank account statements, tax returns or other various types of documents, but it is a verification criterion selected individually for each client by each institution individually.

Own business, mortgage and required certificate

The situation is somewhat different when you run a business and want to take out a mortgage . In this case, the submitted application should submit proof of assignment of identification numbers TAX and VAT. Also required is a letter of confirmation of registration in the register of business and a certificate issued by the Tax Office, which states that there are no arrears for taxes paid. Also, the Social Insurance Institution shall issue a document saying that all required contributions are adjusted on an ongoing basis. In addition, the bank requires income tax declarations for the previous year. That's not all, because the financial institution wants to know the borrower's income in the current period, so you still have time to go to the IRS and acquire the necessary documents in this regard, which differ from each other depending on their accounting. In the next article we will continue to talk about the required documents, but this time they will be focused on the same property.

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