Friday, 30 May 2014

People are afraid of mortgages

Contrary to appearances, poor credit policy of banks is not the only reason why the country on the Vistula sold fewer homes on credit . "Many people are simply afraid to take long-term mortgages" - experts say.

The labor market in our country is not in recent times too well. Even well-educated and earning two or three national average monthly wondering if they really need to engage in multi-credit find M . Finally, since the beginning of the crisis (ie since 2007) fell several companies - and not just in the industry construction. The slowdown also feeling the financial sector employees or insurance. What is interesting - very good looking, even the IT industry, which according to many people bodes greatest hopes for high earnings and rapid career. "Taking a loan is for many people a small problem. still a lot of people are creditworthy .'s just that few of the well-educated generation Poles think in terms of "pledge and attitudes to." Contrary to the contrary - and often think about it, to save rather than borrow - especially for an extended period of time " - say economists. It is still a very good approach - though not widely known that the evaluation may lead in the long run, the fact that developers will not sell their homes in the hundreds per month, and only in single piece.
The fear of an uncertain tomorrow paralyzes not only the mortgage market , but also for example the automotive market. Despite niezłych income even affluent middle class is considering whether to change its four wheels, or better to save tens of thousands of zlotys for leaner times. The problem is that such an attitude Consumer winds becoming increasingly downward spiral of the crisis that it is possible that, colloquially speaking, at some point we simply devour.

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