Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Easter loan - a loan and get the money for the holidays

Christmas is full of love spending time with loved ones. At Easter we find a table with the family, and the children are waiting for bunnies gifts in the form of sweets and gifts. Preparing Easter family, we want to spend in a good mood, it can cost a lot, unfortunately. And what is a joy for children, for adults - expenses, because like every year we have to reckon with further price increases.
Organising an attractive Easter meal for the whole family is undoubtedly a burden for the portfolio. You need to buy not only adequate food, but also aesthetically adorn the table. Therefore, if you want to be sure that you have enough money to organize Easter according to their own schedule, you can use the help OK Money Poland.
Applying for a cash loan from OK Money is very simple. An application for a loan online is filled, and the decision to grant the loan falls within a few minutes. For the money you have to wait less than an hour.

Urgent loan for any purpose?

Typically, we are planning to purchase a reasonable and timely. We are or try to be frugal, do not buy in a compulsive, trying to anticipate possible expenses. Unfortunately, however, unexpected random events can pokomplikować our plans. Then the best option out of the financial quagmire is urgent loan.

OK Money understands that the urgent loan is sometimes the only way to maintain liquidity, it helps pay for a sudden visit to the dentist, or the purchase of new equipment for everyday use. Do not ask what destine money. We do not require complicated procedures, agents or certificates. Simply fill out the online application and credit decision falls within a few seconds.

Urgent loan does not mean that bad you manage your financial resources. This is a temporary way to cover unexpected expenses that can happen to anyone. Therefore, if you need extra cash injection, visit the website and fill out OK Money application. You get quick financial help you need.

Repair loan, loan for housing renovation

Each apartment needs from time to time minor or major changes. Sometimes you only need refurbishment, and other times we are forced to carry more, even a major renovation. Often, after buying a house or an apartment on the secondary market we expect to carry out the repair. Depending on the condition of the apartment you need to replace windows, doors, electrical installation, sanitation, or simply refresh the apartment and bring its own order, to arrange in their own way, adapted to your needs.

In the case of a home can also meet us need to maintain external components. Sometimes it is necessary to repair or replace the roof, wall insulation or renewal of the facade. It also happens that we want to remodel or expand a house, build a balcony, terrace, garage or additional floor, change the layout of the rooms.

When it turns out that the plans for renovations to exceed our own budget, opposite leaves us OK Money Poland, offering credit repair, so that we can fund our renovation plans and refresh our four walls. Taking credit for the renovation of an apartment or house in OK Money do not have to go through complicated procedures. We just have to fill in the online form and wait up to an hour for the decision and money.

Loan and credit for any purpose

Everyone needs time to time enter into your life some change. Unfortunately, however, do not always allow us to do our finances. Even if we have our money wisely, we happen to situations in which we simply lack of cash, making it difficult for us to achieve the desired objectives. Monthly depositing money often means that the achievement of the objective pursued is remote in time and we will deduct the days until they finally will be able to enjoy it. In addition, we have an impression that we will wait forever. And so we would like to buy a car, change the decoration of the apartment, renovate rooms , buy a piece of equipment ... Or they surprised us with additional expenses that we incur suddenly.

A great solution to this problem is a loan for any purpose which has OK Money . Just fill out a simple application, which can be found on our website. You do not need any certificates, intermediaries and no one will ask, for what purpose you want to spend the money. Loan for any purpose is a perfect solution to help cope with the additional and unexpected expense. With the loan earlier, we also realize our plans: to furnish or renovate an apartment , buy new equipment or a car.

Monday, 12 January 2015

What can you change in the credit agreement?

Financial institutions do not provide ample opportunity to intervene in the content of credit agreements already concluded, and most of the changes require additional fees. So what can be changed and how much will it cost?

The first group of records of loan agreements which may be subject to modification formal data. Any change in personal data or address / check is not a privilege, obligation that must be met within a specified period from the date of the change, that is, for example. Replacement ID card, or a change of residence. Part of the loan agreements also require immediately inform the lender about changing jobs. This type of clause is included, however, most often in the case of contracts of loans, or mortgages. It is worth noting here that the failure to send the relevant information may result in serious legal and financial consequences.

indicators of credit

The loan agreements may be subject to change as some of the indicators of the loan. This may be so, eg. The negotiated reduction in interest rates, but more often refer to this type of modification of the repayment period of the loan. We can distinguish here:

a) the extension of credit,

b) to defer the payment of installments (s)

c) suspend the period of repayment of all or part installment (s) under the credit holidays.

It is worth noting that each of the above changes will be required to agree to the change by the lender.

For far less frequent modification we can fall at the same time changing the security for the loan, or changing credit conditions, associated with participation in the specific promotion - eg. Use of the additional insurance palette may temporarily or permanently affect the amount of interest charged on capital.

The costs of changes

In the vast majority of credit agreements only free form of modification of their content is changing the formal data. Hence - for changing loan collateral, the repayment period, as well as virtually any other kitchen you will have to pay. The costs here are different, because, for example. Use the option of credit holidays may be available from 10 , and for the postponement of payment specified number of installments can pay 3% of the outstanding capital, and dozens of gold for the preparation of an appropriate addendum amending the terms of the agreement.

It is worth noting here that there are situations in which the most preferred solution is to change the entire credit agreement, or use the option of consolidating multiple commitments into one, or refinance a particular loan. It is possible, eg. Through available in Health Stefczyka "Decent Comments" loan consolidation, which loan period is 10 years.

Apartment for credit

If you plan to finance the purchase of housing mortgage, so before złożymy appropriate application, it is worth to be well prepared for this rather complicated procedure.

Because the borrower must meet a number of conditions in order to obtain such loan.

Necessary positive story in the Credit Information Bureau

BIK is nothing but a comprehensive database containing information about customer liabilities of banks, Cooperative Savings and Credit, and more recently a customer liabilities loan companies. Credit and financial institutions through access to these data can efficiently assess the ability and creditworthiness of the customer before granting a loan. In contrast, the lack of credit history often result in the refusal to grant the loan. Financial institution, because it is impossible to verify, as a potential borrower repays its obligations. A good solution to this situation is to incur short-term credit commitments, eg. Taking out an installment loan for the purchase of household appliances-rtv to build your positive credit history. Efforts to credit really should start a few years before his puff. Impeccable credit history is a condition of receipt.

Essential own contribution

Under the existing Recommendation S Financial Supervision Commission, all loans in 2014 may not be higher than 95 per cent of the property value, which means that the borrower must have own contribution in the amount of 5% of the value of the property credited. In 2015, this condition is further increased, as will be required, at least 10 per cent own contribution. However, many banks now require a higher, 20 percent. own contribution.

Relatively high creditworthiness

At this point we should recall the recommendation of the Financial Supervision Commission on mortgages. The term "recommendation" may suggest some flexibility. In fact, banks apply exactly to these guidelines. Recommendation S relates to methods for calculating creditworthiness for loans for a period longer than 30 years (a maximum of 35 years) - in accordance with the recommendation of the bank for the analysis must take up to 30 years. In addition, each bank must set their own maximum acceptable height ratio, DTI, the ratio of total liabilities to the credit of the borrower's net income. Which means that the maximum amount of all payments that the borrower repays every month does not exceed 42-50% of income.

Carefully making applications in many banks

Error is also a "mass" to submit proposals on a number of banks in a short time, eg. One month. Each bank sees BIK because if we filed applications, but does not know which of them were taken into account, because such data flow to BIK one - two months. Some analytical programs automatically assume, therefore, that each of them has been completed the decision to grant the loan. So that our creditworthiness of decreases, because there is a risk that we will not pay another commitment.

How to increase the ability of credit?

We order our personal accounts and analyze which of the financial products we do not need. You should know that any limits in ROR, granted loan lines, overdrafts, credit cards issued to another, but not used by us, it's for analyzing our ability to bank credit are further commitments to reduce significantly affect our credit rating. And it does not matter that the limit has never been used.

Utter useless contract

Must be in writing to terminate the contract, dot. Line of credit, credit card, or debit. The notice period usually lasts one month, after which time it is worth checking the status of the debt, as it often turns out that the accounts have not been closed due to the calculation example. The amount of commissions, fees for the use of the card. A good solution is to request written confirmation of closing a credit card account or the account on which was a line of credit, and they no longer want more use.

It is also worth noting that our data update BIK not be immediate, financial institutions frequently update data in a single cycle, two-month, although there are and longer.

Faster pay off liabilities

If you have the opportunity, we should consider the faster incumbent upon us to repay loans. When paying off some loans, you should think about consolidation, or replacing one of several commitments installment lower than the sum of the previous installments. Also keep in mind that your credit score affects surety. Each bail reduced our credit score.

additional borrower

To increase the chances of our flat affect credited additional borrower who obtains a permanent and stable income, is also an opportunity to get a mortgage at a higher amount. Współkredytobiorca may, but need not, be related to us. There has to be a co-owner of the property, if you are trying for a mortgage.

Not only their own contribution. The costs associated with buying a property

If your financial situation is satisfactory and meet the conditions, which were mentioned earlier, we can apply for a mortgage in the selected bank or broker to take advantage of the mortgage market. I should add that now awaits us a number of expenses that are not credited by the bank, and apply the formalities related to the purchase of apartments (notary, tax on civil law transactions, et al.)

The costs of an intermediary

Choice of properties and a deposit or advance (with own funds) and the signing of the preliminary contract is usually 5-10% of the cost of the property value. If you use the services of a real estate agent, it is at this stage would have to pay 50% commission payable in connection with the service agency. If you buy property for cash, real estate commission is paid once. In such a situation, there is no down payment / deposit, no, because the preliminary contract). Such commission VAT is usually up to 4% of the value of the property. Following the submission of the loan application and the granting of a loan it is time to contribute your own. After paying for the bank's own contribution is finalizing the process of granting the loan by transferring funds from the loan on behalf of the vendor.

notary costs

The next step is the signing of a notarial deed. This will involve the need to pay cash notary notary and CLAT (PCC) in the amount of 2% - a total of approx. 3% of the transaction amount. Bank such expenditure shall not refinance. You should also note that some transaction costs are not the same on the primary and secondary markets. At this first are usually from 3-6,5% of property value, depending on whether you use the services of an intermediary.

Watch out for traps loan

Borrow money from someone may be associated with the same, and sometimes even higher risk, which provide their own money at the disposal of another person, or institution. Unfortunately, many people continue to borrow as long as any of whom. Why is it not worth it?

The law

The first and fundamental principle of any borrower should be - always read the contract and all its provisions are clear to me. This is so for two reasons. The first of these is that, by adopting borrowed capital is not only acquire the right to use borrowed funds, but are imposed on us as responsibilities that we have to fill. So it should not be up to a situation where we sign a contract, thereby agree to its terms, and we are not aware of them. The second reason is that, unfortunately, the financial services market is no shortage of scammers who deliberately will want to enrich themselves at our expense. Very often used by their practice is intended contractual complication in order to confuse and / or mislead a potential borrower.

The reputation of the institution

We must avoid unknown to us, the institutions, and hence, do not use a potentially higher risk-bearing loan companies services. These are the first entities uncontrolled, and secondly the amount of actual annual interest rate of a few thousand are not uncommon for them.

Slimming loan from bank offers, or Cooperative Savings - Credit, is subject to a significantly lower level of risk. However, like a mantra to be repeated - always read the contract and all its provisions are clear to me.