Friday, 30 May 2014

Mortgage - documents and property

In the previous article we discussed the issue of employment documents that are required for submission of an application for a mortgage. Let us move on to the next issues associated with the necessary documents, this time on the same property.

Mortgage application - what documents relating to real estate?

In addition to the documents proving your identity and amount of earnings to the application must be accompanied by the necessary number of letters concerning the same property. Their number and type depend on the purpose of the loan ; others will be in the case of buying a house or apartment than in a situation where we intend to build a house from scratch or invest in land . Consider, therefore, all the possibilities.
When we buy a new house or apartment , the application shall be accompanied by:
-extract from the Land Register ,
-documents on cooperatives or developer,
-notarial deed confirming the transfer of rights to the premises,
-preliminary agreement of sale.

If you acquire property used :
-extract from the land register,
-preliminary sales agreement,
-certificate documenting that has rights to use a house or apartment ,
documents confirming the absence of co-operative arrears and the receipt of the property.
-When it comes to investment in land , then the application will have to include:
-extract from the land register,
-extract from the land register,
-letter of acceptance of the purchase of the plot by its current owner,
extract from the land register. [If the book does not confirm that the parcel is zoned for construction , should go to the municipal office and get the documents evidencing].

In the case of building a house from the ground up application should include:
-extract from the land register,
-extract from the land register,
-letter of acceptance of the permission to start construction work,
-description of the construction work,
-architectural design,
-confirm the purchase of real estate .

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