Friday, 30 May 2014

Small, but big on their own or loan?

Certainly most people reflecting on the purchase of own M has a dilemma - small, but your own, or large on credit . Contrary to appearances, the answer is not that difficult. After all, despite many promises with the new year, banks have not lowered mortgage rates . On the contrary - the majority of banks since the beginning of January we have a higher margin on housing loans is that it is possible that, colloquially speaking, at some point we simply devour.

Therefore, persons who already have their own contribution to find an apartment should rethink whether or not it better to buy such a small bedsit for cash rather than colloquial saying to push the purchase kilkupokojowego apartments on credit . In the end, this type of commitment will pay off for years - even in spite of the large downpayment. In addition, it is worth to keep in mind that a large apartment is a large living expenses - such as rent and heating. "Custom four angles always give a sense of security - and not just financial. If we are a young couple with one child or no children, you may want to think about buying the smallest apartment, but for cash. then in a few years we can always turn our lodgings for more - but also for cash. Thanks to this we save thousands of pounds of interest " - experts advise. After all, is not widely known that taking a loan even if 90% of the apartments we give to the bank within 30 years, more than twice as much.
Borrowing for example, 500 000 zł for a large apartment in the capital we give more than a million dollars. Is it worth it? Definitely not. Better to torture a few years in a cramped apartment, then replace them with larger (for their own savings measures already), and the rest to put such in the future for our kids. In the end, the extra money is always useful - and in the least expected moment.

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