Sunday, 20 July 2014

We are lowering loan rates

The value of mortgage rate is not constant, which we accept with humility the proposals offered to us. Not only that, with a bit of desire and preparation we can have her as a great influence, both for loans already granted that new commitments. What to look for?

Loans to

Already signed a credit agreement does not mean that fixed the interest rate it must apply to the end of the repayment of the loan. The interest rate is composed for each of the interbank rates (WIBOR, LIBOR or EURIBOR) and the margin of the financial institution. It is on this component can affect interest rates. Sometimes it takes more than talk to a mortgage advisor, and other times it will be necessary to draw up a proposal. However, it is of such a reduction margin to apply, even though they have a chance to not only pays off in time commitment. Another way to lower interest rates on our loan is to refinance, or repayment of the old loan and replace it with a loan whose conditions are more favorable for us. In the case of mortgages, even a small reduction in the interest rate applied to capital could lead to savings by thousands.

For new loans

The rule is that to get a mortgage should primarily be prepared. We need to take care in advance so high credit and favorable history of cooperation with financial institutions. These factors make the lender will treat us as more a borrower, and thus will be more willing to make concessions in terms of the margin loan. A similar situation may look for a financial institution, which already are a customer. It is full of insight into our finances, while likely to be interested in expanding cooperation in the framework of the mortgage, which can offer not available at other institutions terms. Another possibility is also such as collecting their own contribution. Mortgage with a downpayment is in fact a financial institution more secure, and thus it may, in his case, to apply reduced rates of interest. Similarly, in the best way choose to be the amount of the loan and the repayment time commitment. Most financial institutions are used for "fork" indicators of interest is dependent on these parameters. It may therefore be that the slight shortening of the period of the loan, or the amount thereof will be that the loan will be much cheaper.

The bottom line is that we should always remember about our right to negotiate the conditions of each of the financial products. Let us not take so blind any proposals presented to us, and porównujmy them together, selecting the best and try to earn something extra for yourself.

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