Friday, 11 July 2014

Credit for seniors

Seniors remain in Poland, unfortunately, one of the groups with the lowest number of new users. According to estimates by the Polish National Bank ubankowienie seniors is only 63%, while the national average is 77%. Is the reason for this may be that financial institutions treat seniors with neglect?

This unfortunately is partly true. Banks in their rules and details of the proposals loans stipulate that persons who are already 50 or 60 years of age, they can not take advantage of certain offers or will be possible only assuming satisfaction of certain additional conditions. This applies especially mortgages. As used herein, an age restriction that a portion of these types of products is not available for seniors. The use of the remaining part will require a very short period of the loan, the establishment of additional loan guarantors, who after all are not always available, or additional insurance buyout adversely affecting the cost of the loan.

Loan for seniors

The issue of the availability of loans for seniors looking for a bit better in the case of loans and cash loans. Although it is still a rarity, here even seniors can count on special offers that are dedicated exclusively to them. A great example is eg Senior Loan offered over the counter Stefczyka. It is the only product dedicated to pensioners and persons receiving retirement benefits who have already completed 60 years. Not without significance is the fact that the Senior Loan is granted for any purpose, and its height can reach up to 100 thousand. ., with a maximum loan period is up 120 months, which is exactly 10 years. It is worth noting also that it is possible here also obtain attractive interest rate rebates (up to 6.00 percentage points), which provided include for a good credit history or the impact of a pension or retirement account in the Cashier.

The above example shows that seniors not only have a chance of getting a loan, but also created a product dedicated exclusively to them. The only pity is that it still remains the exception rather on the Polish market financial products.

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