Sunday, 13 July 2014

Bank loan is not for everyone

Banks are masters of the ability to create catchy advertising messages, the task is an effective interest in possible wide range of clients. Not all of them can, however, rely on a bank loan, or a loan.

Banks use various, sometimes very peculiar method of verifying the lending capacity of their clients. Negative decisions on the granting of financing are not at all uncommon. Here are a few factors that can compromise the possibility of obtaining a bank loan:

- Minimum wages: Loan bank definitely does not get a person who earns too little. How much is actually too little? It's hard to say, because the minimum earnings threshold depends so from the bank and its particular product. To obtain a small cash loan sufficient revenues of about 600 net, while the use of a prestigious credit card will be required salary amounting to several thousand.

- Capacity: Creditworthiness is a concept extremely broad and ambiguous and does not limit itself to the area of ​​earnings and customer spending. Affected by a whole bunch of variables, for which not even podejrzewalibyśmy, they can be relevant. These include: the place of residence, education, and gender.

- Credit history: Difficulties in obtaining financing'll also have a person with bad credit history, which are for bank customers identified with higher risk. Loan not get so people who untimely live up to its earlier financial obligations.

- Form of employment: While the policy in this regard has recently been significantly liberalized, there is still a majority of banks that look less favorably on those employed under a contract of work, or order, as well as self-employed engaged in economic activities. Greater problems in obtaining credit may also be persons employed in specific industries (eg, being associated with the crisis of the construction industry), or performing certain jobs.

- Age: This criterion may augment those problems very young or the elderly. Rules of many credit products assume because they are dedicated to customers who have completed 25 years of age eg. On the other hand, the difficulties in obtaining a mortgage for 20 or 30 years will have seniors who have celebrated 50 or 60 anniversary.

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