Monday, 14 July 2014

Jobs in the world, and credit in the country

Temporary emigration or employment in another country does not rule out the chances of obtaining a mortgage loan in Poland. The procedure for examination and borrowing will, however, somewhat more cumbersome than the standard practiced for people working in Poland. With what should be expected?

The vast majority of banks operating in Poland provides loans to people earning abroad. The offer dedicated to those people is not as wide as it is addressed to customers who have in Poland. In addition, you should expect some variation of the procedure and conditions for granting the loan.

greater constraints

Although none of the banks will not admit to this openly, gently speaking, there are situations in which banks do not fully willing to give mortgages to people who worked outside the Polish. Attitude banks differentiate in this case where the borrower have income. It defines, for example, the amount of required own contribution, which will be needed to finalize the loan agreement. Of course, there are no rigid rules, and there are cases of credit to purchase real estate in its entirety. However, some concessions can count eg earners in the European Union, as opposed to working in the United States.

In fact, however, earned in a foreign country must expect to bring their own contribution on a scale of 20-50%, and the necessity of additional credit insurance associated with a higher credit risk.

Reservations and papierologia

Sometimes banks also stipulate that, yes give credit to earning abroad, but only if the revenues are generated in the country with a similar legal system of credit. On the other hand, some banks will not accept a job within their own business. Rigid rules do not apply well in the required documents and their translations. Part of the institutions shall adopt all documents in English, or German, and some of their requests for translation by a sworn translator.

In general, a set of required documents is almost identical to that for persons earning in Polish. They will therefore need confirmation of income and employment, and account statements. Sometimes banks require a written confirmation of your credit history in the state equivalent of the Credit Information Bureau.

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