Monday, 2 June 2014


Creditworthiness is broadly speaking, the ability to repay the loan installment and interest due. Put simply, if the applicant applies for a mortgage , the bank calculates that the amount of income received by him, will repay all its obligations, including the proposed loan installment.

As in the case of mortgage loans, we are usually dealing with a long repayment period, banks take a big risk when calculating the credit . Creditworthiness , as it is calculated on the basis of current income and current costs incurred, and yet it is very difficult to predict what will happen several, or several years. It is not known so that the person who now has a job and has a very high income, for some time will not be unemployed or will not be able to perform any work. Therefore, inter alia, with this type of credits used is very high collateral.

When calculating the credit shall take into account all costs related to everyday life. Banks therefore need to look at the amount of utility bills such as rent, charges for gas, electricity, water, costs associated with commuting, raising children, and even many expenses that everyone has to pay. You also can not forget the obligations arising from other bank loans. Very helpful for those investigating such a request, the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), where you can check whether the applicant already has a loan, if so, what are the monthly costs, and whether incurred by the loans are repaid in a timely manner. Usually, if your credit history there are significant delays in payments, the customer is immediately disqualified and can not apply for a mortgage .

Some banks to improve credit score , allow you to combine income not only spouses applying for a loan, but also to third parties who are not even related to them. However, they must realize that they are treated on an equal footing with applicants and will also have to sign appropriate agreements.

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